My dreams and passions have always been quite simple, travel, travel and more travel!

It was not until I was sixteen years old that I took my first plane journey abroad, to Uganda, so it is not as if I was brought up travelling to exotic places. I had many a lovely family holidays in France and in the UK, which I have some awesome memories even now.

However, it was my one month long adventure to Uganda with World Challenge (World Challenge provides educational school trips that inspire students to take on the world) that kicked off my obsession for exploring life outside of my home county of Essex in the UK (yes, Essex girls do get ´around and about!´)


I can truly say that since my adventure of Africa some sixteen years ago, I have since been fortunate enough to do some amazing things that I would never have dreamt of doing. These include such things as, white water rafting on the River Nile, riding an elephant in Thailand, bike riding down the Road of Death in Bolivia, and even hot air ballooning over the desert in Dubai.


Above: Watching the sunrise above the clouds in the UAE.


Left: The beauty created by the perfectly sculpted ridges is simply breath taking!








Right: Watching a caravan of camels meandering through the desert in search of water.

My dreams did not stop by travelling and back packing around the globe, but I have been fortunate to also live in Australia, Mexico and Dubai.




In the past, I had always said that once I had been to one place and explored the sights, that I would not go back but venture to a new, unknown destination as there is a whole world out there! However, this concept went out of the window once I got a taste of Mexico….