Tinder brings me to Mexico for the fourth (and FINAL time)

So, this should be the wrap of all my to-ing and fro-ing travels to Mexico! …. Watch this space!

Those of you that know me, and those that have been reading my blogs, you will know that I´ve had an interest in cultures from other parts of the world, and I guess this gave rise to my interest in ´the exotic other´ when it came to the male species (surprise, surprise!)

It seems that in this day and age, it is socially acceptable to meet ´other halves´ online using dating sites or using apps. It seems that gone are the days of meeting ´genuine´ guys who are looking for the same thing (who you can have an intellectual conversation with without them staring at the upper part of your torso or saying sh#t) when out and about or through friends…. Well, it didn’t work for me anyway 🙂

After getting over the stigma attached to online dating and giving mobile apps ago, I gave it a bash and had my share of ´interesting´ and ´fun´ dates, but I would never have put money that I would have met such a charming, cute and clever sausage (no pun intended) on Tinder of all things!

Paco and I texted for a month or so before meeting, due to us both having trips/holidays booked. I remember meeting him so well, it was outside Liverpool Street station in London (he had just returned from flying back from Mexico for Christmas) on 28th December 2014 and in true Mexican style, he turned up late, leaving me standing outside in the cold wondering if he was going to turn up…… Good job he did as here we are today.


For a number of years my dream had been to find an opportunity to work professionally  abroad. Strange as things turn out, during the time that Paco and I had been conversing via texts, I got offered a job in Dubai!

I can clearly remember one of the first conversations we had at the Owl and Pussycat pub in Shoreditch and me asking him after reading his M.Phil at Cambridge (1 year) would he be staying in London, as every Mexican I know loves the place. To my surprise he said he didn’t particularly like the UK for its food and weather! ouch 😉 The surprises did not end there as he said he was going to consider looking for jobs in Dubai!?! Now, tell me what are the chances of that (seeing as I had not breathed a word about my circumstances)

Of course, the question came back to me as to what are my plans for the foreseeable future, of which I didn’t want to dampen the first date by saying I had a job offer in Dubai, but I said I was looking into options to working in Dubai also! I then let what would be, be and see if we would meet again (and again) before I told him. Of which that time came around very quickly! Being the supportive and encouraging chap that he is, Paco told me that I had to the pursue this offer of a lifetime and go to Dubai, of which I did!

It was not an easy decision. Equally at the same time, I did not want to be that person that stays at home and lets an opportunity pass me by just to be with a guy. So I left in April, and 5 months later Paco arrived having graduated from University of Cambridge AND with a job in Dubai – boom!

Then a year and a half later, we decided that the time was right to leave Dubai and start a new life together on the other side of the world in, you guessed it, Mexico.

Of course on day one when he said that he was from Mexico and it would be his plan to probably return one day, being a girl, you have to consider all possibilities (even on the first date :)!!),  I didn’t have a problem potentially moving there if things were going to blossom between us, especially seeing as I had been 3 times before and bloomin´loved the place!

However, when the moment came to actually making the big permanent move to a new country (even though after the 3rd time when I said I had left my heart in Mexico and would have returned in a heart beat, and having lived overseas before), saying goodbye to family and friends knowing that this was a serious move, and not just me bumming about, it was by far the hardest thing I have done. I think there were more tears than smiles at one point! I guess it is times like this that you just have to take the leap of faith that you are doing the right thing and trust in the person you are with.

So here I am in Mexico for the 4th time!

Without wanting to sound super cheesy, but I can truly say I think dreams can come true, you just have to be open to them and work at them as they do not fall on your lap wrapped in cotton wool!

Yesterday we celebrated our two year anniversary of the day that we met in London ♥



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