Basilica de San Juan de Los Lagos

Whilst in Lagos de Moreno, we took a little road trip to the nearby Basilica de San Juan de Los Lagos. Below I have included a brief extract as to what makes this church important.

It is best known as the home of a small image of the Virgin Mary called Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos or in Nahuatl Cihuapilli, which means “Great Lady.” Since the first major miracle ascribed to her in 1632, she has been venerated especially for cases involving mortal danger. The miracles ascribed to her have made the basilica in which she is found a major tourist attraction, which has shaped the city’s history to this day.

It was an impressive building both inside and out. At the time of my visit, there was a mass taking a place and was full of people, standing, sitting, crawling, praying and just embracing the spiritual moment.

Whilst having a walk around, I found myself exploring the back of the Cathedral and going up some steps seeing on all four walls, prayers and letters from people requesting miracles or giving thanks for Gods works in response to their prayers. It was not just pieces of paper, but chopped off ponytails, asthma inhalers/medications, sport trophies, photos of healed people and more. It was an interesting place, something spiritual and moving about it.

After paying my visit to the Basilica, we went for a walk around the plaza in front. It was full of families and friends talking, playing and exchanging festive greetings. It had a warm and friendly atmosphere.

There was a local man getting people to pay him to have a photo using a stereotypical Mexican scene, comprising horses and sombreros. I do not know this family, but I thought the photo captured the moment (classic family photo when you can not get everyone looking and smiling at the same time!)



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