A little jaunt to Leon, Guanajuato (home of leather and footwear)

Before the Christmas festivities began on the 24th, Paco and I (and others) took a little road trip to the nearby City of Leon which is famous for leather – there are markets left right and centre selling cowboy boots, bags, leather coats, cowboy attire, skins, soles of shoes, and so on. You can imagine the smell, especially in the midday heat (and it is not even summer)!

The reason we went was not only because I love wondering around markets and searching for little gems, but also because we wanted to find a cow skin to complete the fit out of our flat, which I have spent the last month making ´home´.

We managed to find one of the market stalls open (as it was midday on 24th December), I am assuming most of the stalls at this particular market closed early to be with families. There were so many skins to choose from. My problem is that I get easily distracted with things, so rather than looking at them, I ended up trying them on!

After finding a pretty awesome skin, that is way too big, for an incredibly reasonable price (pretty much a whole cow for 50 GBP) – sorry to any vegetarians, vegans, etc, we then hit the main markets of Leon for a leather jacket. Of course, instead of buying what I set out to buy, I ended up modelling various cowboy boots and supporting the local economy by buying a pair – rude not to, right!?

I´ll leave it to you to guess which pair I did actually purchase – cobra or no cobra?!


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